Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gratitude and Attitude

Today I am filled with gratitude. Why today? Well, I am not exactly sure, but as I drove to work and listened to music from my wedding day, I was flooded with beautiful memories of that special day, 8/8/08.
I am a reflective person, as anyone who knows me can attest to, sometimes to the point of positively annoying others! As a kid I was called, "too sensitive," and described as "she thinks too much."
Today I use that as a strength as I brainstorm all the things I am grateful for:
  • My loving kids, Nick and Stef
  • My best friend and husband, Don
  • My siblings, though spread across the country, still close in my heart
  • My job: a place I get to live my mission of working with and inspiring kids
  • My coaching/tutoring job: where I learn so much and share with older kids finding their way as learners
  • Creativity: as it leads me to endless possibilities and solutions for my life and others dear to me
  • Writing: as it has opened my heart and mind freeing me from my own cage of self-restrictive thoughts
  • Living in a beautiful place: though I must work a lot to afford it, I am grateful to live near the ocean
  • God : a very personal belief so I will stop and not try to explain
  • Collaboration: I have recently written to people in Positive Psychology sharing my thoughts and admiration for their work.
  • Knowing my mission in life and having meaning.
  • The loving partners my kids have chosen to share their lives with
  • Wonderful memories of my mom who I miss so much
  • Music that enlivens my soul
  • I think that will be it for now.. as this will be a work in progress :-)
  • What are you grateful for today?


  1. Great gratitude list. I go over my day in my head each night and review the things I am thankful for. It has just been a practice of mine for years.

  2. That's great that you have incorporated that review into your nightly routine. I am working on embracing those moments of realization more fully. It's really amazing how gratitude can fuel me into working even harder to live my mission to the fullest.


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