Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fascination Field Trip

Yep, that's me standing by the double decker bus. So, what's the relation to positivity? Well, with my new frame of reference I attribute to more mindfully experiencing life, I have decided to take any opportunity to explore places which invoke awe and fascination. Yesterday it was St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
After climbing 257 steps to explore the dome and listen for the whispers in the Whispering Gallery, I was entranced by childlike wonder. How does a whisper, spoken against one wall become audible way on the other side of the dome? How did they build this incredible place, 300 years ago for this particular cathedral, and 1400 years ago, for the original cathedral that was destroyed by fire. I sat in quiet awe.
As I marveled the architecture, lit a candle in memory of my loved ones, and sat in silence enjoying my husband's warm hand in mine, I vowed to incorporate more of these inspiring experiences into my life. The richness gained by mindfully experiencing beautiful art, history and culture surely refuel me.

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