Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Positively Pissed!

Today I finally got my taxes done. Yes, yes, I am a procrastinator.. especially when I feel that bad news is on the horizon. I am pretty thoroughly annoyed with a system that encourages hard work, yet penalizes you when you fall into some arbitrary tax bracket. I work 2 jobs: as a teacher, and as a tutor/coach, and I hit an income level last year that "dis-allowed" my write off for student loan interest. I am sick about this! I took out a loan for my masters degree several years ago and I will be paying this loan off for many years to come. Up until now, the interest was deductible! But now, because I worked my a@# off , working sometimes 14 hour days, 6 days a week, I am penalized. I don't mind paying my fair share! But seriously...
The extra money is my "in case my kids in college need my help" money and I am not complaining! I love the work I do and it fuels my soul. But getting penalized by taking away a write off for loan interest that was accrued in educating myself to "do good for others" ???? Like I said.. it makes me feel a bit.. well.. perturbed.

So.. what am I going to do about it? Well, thanks to the wonderful release of writing, I feel much better for this rant. I am now going to put on my ipod, jump on my elliptical and sweat out the anger. I will let you know if it helps :-)


  1. Gotta love being middle class don't we? Or am I middle class?

  2. Thanks :-) yep gotta love it..guess we are middle class....fortunately most of the time I feel completely grateful for my life and I would say that puts me in the "fulfilled class".


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